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Spin-Off of CNS

The spin-off of CNS is definitely at the mercy of a number of problems, including best approval of the purchase by CTI's table of Directors, filings with, while the achievement of an assessment techniques by, the investments and swap Commission, the agreement of CTI investors and final agreement of certain information arrangements because of the boards of every of CTI and CNS.

Upon completion with the suggested spin-off and ahead of the aftereffect of any deal that could eradicate the CTI keeping company build, recent CTI shareholders would continue to maintain their resources in CTI as well as personal 100% regarding the collateral of CNS.

About Comverse Technological Innovation, Inc.

CTI, through the wholly-owned part CNS, is the earth's respected vendor of computer software and methods making it possible for converged billing and active buyer administration and value-added speech, chatting and cellular online facilities. CNS' comprehensive customer base ranges in excess of 125 nations and covers over 450 correspondence service providers providing in excess of two billion clients. CTI also keeps vast majority ownership positions in Verint (Nasdaq:VRNT) and privately-held Starhome.
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Suggestions concerning people in CTI's Solicitations of proxy servers

Specific help and advice involving players and prospective players in CTI's solicitations of proxy servers from the shareholders associated with CTI's annual appointment of shareholders and special appointment of investors relating to the previously announced spin-off of Comverse, Inc. is set forward on demonstrate 99.2 to the type 8-K recorded by CTI together with the U.S. Securities and swap Commission ("SEC") on Apr 30, 2012 and included herein by referral.

Additional Important Info

Associated with the annual fulfilling of shareholders plus the earlier announced spin-off of CNS, definitive proxy assertions for CTI's shareholders will need to be registered aided by the SEC. CTI will additionally email the final proxy records to their investors. BEFORE MAKING ANY VOTING COMMITMENT, CTI's INVESTORS AND INDIVIDUALS happen to be RECOMMENDED TO READ THE PROXY STATEMENTS AND OTHER DOCUMENTS FILED BECAUSE OF THE SEC CAREFULLY AS WELL AS IN THE ENTIRETY EVERY TIME THEY COME TO BE ON THE MARKET, AS THEY WILL HAVE IMPORTANT INFO REGARDING ANNUAL MEETING AND THE PROPOSED DISTRIBUTION. Associates and protection members can obtain, without charge, a copy for the proxy words, and also other appropriate records containing important info about CTI from the SEC's internet site ( once these information are generally registered making use of the SEC. You may see and duplicate any data, words and other expertise recorded by CTI at the SEC open public reference space at 100 F. streets, N.E. Washington D.C 20549. Be sure to contact the SEC at 1-800-SEC-0330 for further info.